Oct 20, 2012

Moving Sucks!

I am sorry I just haven't been able to find the time to blog lately.  Really for myself I have needed the release of getting it all "out" but, I just haven't had spare time.  So far, we LOVE Spokane.  We feel so lucky to be here.  We are all starting to adjust and I think we are really going to find ourselves putting down some roots here.  I got invited to a moms night out, YAY!  It has been a while since I have really been out with friends and I am starting to think I no longer have the skills to make new friends.  But I am really excited and looking forward to a good old fashioned girls night!

As far as food goes, it has kind of been a mixed bag.  85% of the time, I am good.  I have been pretty true to my meal replacement program, with a few cheats here and there, but nothing crazy, and nowhere near the kinds of benders I usually go on.  I have not really lost any weight yet however, and even after 2 weeks of solid gym attendance, I am still seeing the number on the scale stay the same.  I have decided to finish up with the Wonderslim food, and then if I don't see an improvement, I will go back to Medifast.  I like the taste of Wonderslim much better, but I am a results girl, and I need to see some fruits for my labors ya know??  Also, Medifast always made me feel good, and I always had a lot of energy.  I am not really feeling that way with Wonderslim, but I think it has been a good way to ease back into the replacement lifestyle.

As I mentioned, I joined the Anytime Fitness by my house and have been going 3 days a week at 5am. I have read in many books that during weight loss you don't want to over do it at the gym.  The reason for this is because after you get to your goal weight, you want to be able to maintain your lifestyle.  If you start out going balls to the wall, where do you have to go from there?  Also, I am doing full body weights and circuit training, and you really don't want to work the same muscles two days in a row.  It is proven that weight lifting and circuit training can trigger your body to continue to burn for up to 48 hours after your workout!!  So, as part of my goal to make this a lifestyle and not a punishment, I feel like 3 good, hard days at the gym is plenty.  On my days off, I am trying to be more active and get some calories burned just by having a less sedentary lifestyle than I am used to.  Heck, I have three flights of stairs in my new house, by this time next year I should have the legs of a super model right?!?!  I do love the gym, and I am remembering why I loved to go, and also, why going so early made me happy.  I love coming home to a house full of sleeping family and getting a little alone time before my day starts!!

I am trying really hard to stay positive, and to spend less time punishing myself.  Some days that means taking a break from the rigid food schedule and enjoying a pizza night with my family.  I really don't want my kids to remember me as some weirdo around food who always made meals uncomfortable.  My goal is to find balance, and that is so hard for me.  I am really good at bingeing, and I am also really good at's that middle ground that has always given me trouble!!

So, upward and onward I guess!  I feel good about where I am right now.  I feel close to balance.  Definitely still some things to work on, but I can say I am making an honest effort to get there!

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