Jan 24, 2011 

Keep your eyes out for the new feature that I will be offering on Snub the Chub. I will be posting videos of...drum roll please... MOVE OF THE WEEK.  Soon you can check this blog for fun, exciting and time saving workout techniques.  If you have any requests, leave me a comment and I will try to post a video answering your requests!  See you soon!!

Jan 21, 2011


I have lost a whopping 50 POUNDS!! I weighed yesterday and it didn't even occur to me.  Then today at the gym it hit me mid calf raise...wait...188 minus 138 equals....50 POUNDS.  I am so thankful for TSFL.  This program has changed my life FOREVER!  I am so thrilled that I can share this program with people.  It is so empowering and fulfilling to see my friends have success right along with me!  I will NEVER loose sight of this healthy new way of living and I hope to someday share it with even more people!  So, Thanks TSFL. Thanks Dr. Anderson for writing such an amazing book.  Thanks to my coach Danae for bringing this program into my life and for putting up with my rants via txt! Thanks to my Hubby for your undying support, and for loving me before I was skinny!  Thanks to Body Renew Fitness in Meridian for helping me fall in love with Zumba! Thank you to my friends for not tempting me with food when we hang out.  And thank you to everyone who reads this blog...I feel your love and support as well!  But most of all, thank you to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me with strength, will power, determination, long suffering, and all of the other things I prayed so hard for during the last 5 months.  I could not have done this without The Lord and his infinite blessings!

So with this 50 pounds gone, I have 8 more to loose before I reach my goal of 130.  I am doing well back on the 5 & 1 and feeling amazing!  


Jan 20, 2011

Things I LOVED to Eat Today! 
The other day I bought two pre-packaged pork loin fillets.  I bought one BBQ one and another herbed one.  I made the bbq one and may I just say...super yuuummm.  The serving size for pork on the plan is 5 oz.  At first when I measured this out I was worried that 5 oz wasn't enough.  But, this meat was so moist and rich and the bbq seasonings were very robust, so 5 oz was plenty!  I looked them up online to try to find a picture and it looks like there are all kinds of flavor varieties!  The trick for TSFL users would be to scrape off some of the excess seasonings or sauce to be sure you stay within your condiment allowance for the day!  My friend told me that these go on sale at Albertson's for buy one get one free, so I will be keeping an eye out for that sale!

Jan 19, 2011

Day Three and 100% 
So today was day three of my venture back into the 5&1.  I am pleased to say I have had MANY temptations over the last few days but I have stayed 100%.  I even drove my prego bestie through the Taco Bell drive thru with NOT one cheat!  I wanted to...I really did.  And later in our shopping trip together when we stopped again at Iceberg for the babysitter, i really wanted a shake, but I did not partake!  I am inching closer and closer to 130 pounds and this time, I got this in the bag!  I really think the first couple of days are the toughest then you just go into auto pilot.  My coach sent me this little tid bit, and I wanted to share it!  This is a check list for those of you on TSFL.  If you are having a hard time loosing, go over this list and evaluate yourself.

If you are hungry or do not have energy, you are not in the Fat Burning stage:
What is keeping you from getting into the fat burnig stage?
1. Are you eating all of your 5 meals and one LEAN & GREEN
2. What is in your LEAN & GREEN (check the worksheet)
3. Are you having more that one TSFL SNACK (bars?)
4. Do you drink coffee? If so, what do you put in it?
5. Do you chew gum, eat mints, drink too many sugar-free beverages?
6. Are you drinking AT LEAST 64 ounces of water (the more the better)?
7. Is there ANYTHING passing your lips that is not on the 5 & 1? 

Jan 16, 2011

New Motivation! 
Right now in my life there are two things I want.  These two things have been things I have wanted for a long time. One, I want to be 130 pounds...really really bad.  Two, ever since their introduction into the world, I have drooled over the iphone, and I want one.  When it was announced that my network, Verizon was getting the iphone, I nearly cried.  My instinct was to camp out at my Verizon store until they are released.  But, I have come up with a way to motivate myself to kick it into gear and get this last 10 pounds outta here!!  I will get a phone when I get down to 130.  This means launching back into the 5&1 program.  I have been at a stand still for the last few months and happily maintaining my weight.  But, I know I am capable of more, so with a new found motivation, tomorrow is a new day...and a new program. So world here I go.  I am nervous for some reason.  I think because for the last two months I have really enjoyed food again, and not really had to pay for it on the scale.  When I started the 5&1 for the first time I was desperate.  This time, I have a totally different kind of motivation. I am excited and I am ready!  

Wish me Luck!!

Jan 11, 2011

My New Favorite! 

So I posted about perfecting the pudding the other day.  Well tonight I found what may be my new favorite!!  Pistachio!  Same recipe I posted the other day, but with Pistachio pudding mix. I also added a tbs. of white chocolate sugar free syrup!  Once again, I really think the Ninja blender helps so much with the texture.  I will most definitely be making this again very soon!!

Jan 7, 2011

Interesting Read 

I started reading this book last night.  So very interesting.  Since I have now found a way to control my weight, I am really interested in finding ways to change my brain! I am fascinated by addiction and as before mentioned, I believe that I suffer from it.  I have already related to many subjects in this book and am so excited to see what more this little gem has in store for me!  I will keep you all posted.  

I Have FINALY Perfected the Pudding! 
When I signed up for TSFL I received the vanilla pudding two months in a row.  I tried it once, hated it, tried it again with a different recipe, and again, hated it.  So, I was checking out another Medifast suggestion site and I saw that someone had posted a new vanilla idea.  I played around with it and UREEEEEKA!  I have a winner!  Part of this could be the AMAZING new blender my hubby bought me for Christmas...the NINJA!  Life changing really!  If you don't have one...GET ONE!

Blend together:

1/2-3/4 cup water...more water, thinner consistency
6-7 cubes of ice
1-2 tsp. Sugar Free Jell-o Pudding Mix...any flavor you like
1 packet Vanilla Pudding mix

Blend, blend, blend.  Blend this until it is smooth and creamy. 

I like to freeze it for a minute just to let the pudding set a bit more!  This method helps solve the texture issue I was having with the pudding, and helps with the lack of flavor issue as well! 

Jan 5, 2011


So today...I entered uncharted territory!  I have NEVER EVER EVER been anywhere NEAR the 130's in my adult life.  I don't even think I was in the 130's ever in high school.  I am 139 pounds today!!  I feel like shouting it from the rooftops!! ONE HUNDRED THIRTY NINE POUNDS!!!  WAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Jan 2, 2011

Things I loved to eat today! 

I know I haven't done a recipe post in a while.  I have kind of been stuck in a rut...until now!  For Christmas dinner I picked up one of these bad boys from Costco.  Pork loin...mmmmm. I cut it in half and made the other half today.  I have prepared it two different ways now and both have been amazing.  I am a firm believer in paying top dollar for quality meats now, I have never tasted anything so delectable! 
Rosemary and herb crusted pork loin

Mix together about 1/4 cup olive oil, and about 2 tsp. of any rosemary based herb blend.  I used a pampered chef blend.  It has rosemary, thyme and garlic.  Then I added a bit of coarse sea salt and let it all infuse for about 10 mins.

 Pour infused oil into a hot frying pan and braise each side of the loin until golden brown and a crust has formed. 

Place loin in roasting pan with the bones facing up. 

Cook for 15 mins at 425 then reduce heat to 350 and roast for 20mins per pound.  Take out of oven and let meat rest for 15 mins before carving.

Onion and Herb Crusted Pork Loin

Follow all the same steps as above only substituting the rosemary for Mrs. Dash Onion & Herb.  Add sea salt and onion flakes to the oil. 


I served my 5 ounces of pork with asparagus and cucumbers.  Delish!!