Sep 14, 2012

Ok, so I know I said I was moving and wouldn't be blogging....but, my husband took my son to get some ice cream, and I find myself enjoying a minute to myself.  So, in the next couple of days I will be on the road, and without the internet.  I was thinking, I know people read this because I see my stats.  But, I only have 28 followers.  I would like to try to get some other health related blogs to team up with me, but I need to show more interest in my blog.  How do ya'all feel about a giveaway??  If I can reach 100 followers, I will do a giveaway for $25 to spend at my Perfectly Posh website!!!  So, how to enter:
1. Leave a comment
2. Pin any post from this blog on your pinterest wall
3. Share this blog on Facebook, twitter, google+. whichever social media you partake in!
4. Become a follower if you aren't already!

I know we can do it!  Good Luck and share share share!!


  1. I love you April and am so proud of you!! <3 Misty!

  2. You are inspiring.. I love your recipes you post. Rachelle Transtrum

  3. You are inspiring to all. Love the recipes you post