Nov 21, 2010


When I started TSFL I made myself a 90 day goal. I promised myself that I wouldn't cheat ONCE during that 90 days.  And I didn't.  I lost 33 pounds in 90 days and started to feel better than I have ever felt in my whole life.  Once that 90 days was up, I decided just to stay on the program but give myself a few cheat days here and there.  It is crazy how that tiny little inch I gave myself can become a mile.  During the 90 days, I was so restricted, and had such a clear goal.  Now that I have reached that goal, and am kind of in limbo, it is harder to be so strict.  I don't really need to loose too much more weight, and to be honest my focus is on trying for another baby, so I am having a hard time figuring out a motive to not cheat.  Right now, I am trying to stay as strict as I can when I am at home, or work, but I gotta tell you, when I go to my in-laws house that is full of tempting junk food, it is really tough.  I did cheat a bit last night, and I regret it.  I want to give myself leeway now and again, but at this point in my journey, I am trying to learn how to have balance. And somehow, this is harder than the restriction. 

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  1. Oh I've been there...I know you're in a really tough spot. You've just come off a really tough program and probably want to lighten up just a little! Who can blame you? You can do it though. I am not on any program for the first time in my life which is scary and liberating at the same time. You are doing much better than me at weight loss but my goal right now is to break my own personal habits with eating and food that are destructive and I think it will take a long long time. Those of us who have issues with food, diets, and "rules" with food know how hard it is to do what you've done. You'll find a way to be balanced and really listen to your body. You can do it!