Nov 3, 2010

New Favorites!! 

I have had 13 of these bottles of syrup in my pantry since I started the program.  Some of them I use more often than others.  The peanut butter syrup was one I didn't use until today!  I mixed it in my Vanilla shake and it was AMAZING!!  Better yet, I mixed it in my Banana Cream shake, and it was to die for!!
Another fun thing I did the other day was I mixed a table spoon of Pumpkin Pie syrup in my original pancake and then added pumpkin pie spice to it.  It was a yuuuummmy pancake!

I loooove the MF soft serves...I eat one every night, well the other night I added Toasted Marshmallow to the Peanut Butter soft serve, and it was so naughty!!! I loved it.  

Just thought I would share some of my recent creations with you!!

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