Nov 25, 2010

The Results Are In!

A picture can say a thousand words right?  As I look at these pictures, more than a thousand words come to mind.  Thousands upon thousands of words!  I am not done with this journey yet, but I have made incredible strides and I can't help but be emotional when I look at these pictures.  I don't even remember that sad looking girl 48 pounds ago.  I feel like part of her has died and a new happier girl has been born to take her place.  i still have days where she creeps in, but I am so thankful that I have learned how to be happier, and healthier! 

Total Weight Loss So Far

48 pounds~


  1. Oh April! I about started crying when I saw your pictures. You have always been one of the most beautiful people I know, but that topic picture looks as if you are truly happy from the inside out! I am so proud of you and can't tell you enough how amazing you look. Good for you friend, good for you. Love ya & am so excited to be on this journey alongside people like you.

  2. Good on you, April! I saw your pictures on Karli's TSFL blog and I was blown away! You look amazing! And I agree with Karli in that you always have been amazing and are a sweetie...inside and out! Best of luck to you and the journey you're on. It truly is a journey and one that for me has always been a major "roller coaster", but luckily I can usually get back on when needed. Hope you have a great Christmas holiday!

  3. Oh my GOSH, GIRL!!! You look fabulous! Im so encouraged by your weight loss. Cassie and Chris and I barely recognized you in your NEW BODY! I too have began my lifelong transformation and have lost 10lbs.! I am on the HCG Protocol....Hope to see you sometime! CONGRATS!