May 7, 2010

Can we Talk!?!?

I was standing at the checkout line the other day for like 20 was a busy night being Cinco De Mayo and all. I had been feeling pretty good about myself all day, feeling happy, feeling fit, feeling hopeful...until, I looked over at the magazine rack, and I kid you not, EVERY magazine had a weight loss title of some sort. Try this, eat that, cut out this food, only eat that food...look good in your bikini FAST, look good naked FAST, life after plastic surgery, did she have too much plastic surgery...I MEAN SERIOUSLY???? And really, very few of the celebs on the covers of the magazines looked A) healthy and B) natural. Please don't preach to me about loosing weight by shoving an overly airbrushed picture in my face. I will NEVER look like that no matter what I do, because I don't have some one touching up my flaws as I walk around.

How are we as women ever supposed to overcome self image issues if all we see, hear, and read tells us we aren't doing enough?? It occurred to me that we are a society SO obsessed with the "perfect" body, that we have trained ourselves to hate anything else. I have flipped through many a magazine while thinking to myself, oh how I wish, and then being mad at myself for not having enough self control to look like the models and celebs I see.

I wish I had an answer to this, I wish I could say that I had come up with a solution for this world wide epidemic...I don't. All I can say is as women, we can stop this from affecting us anymore. I can choose to be inspired by REAL women, women whose images are not controlled by a highly paid PR person. So, who inspires you? I want to know. Share inspiring stories, if you want, I will post them for all to read...let's evolve past the superficial and get really, truly inspired!!

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  1. Love this website-- it has been so inspiring for me in the last month.