May 26, 2010

i am in Love

I know this may not seem like a proper post for a weight loss blog...hear me out. I for one feel that when you find tricks to help you look thinner, you feel thinner. If that means you found the right outfit to shave off ten pounds visually, or you secretly wear spanx under your clothes to look thinner, or in my case you get a tan...that is what makes me feel thinner.

I got my very very pale skin from my grandma...who never spent a day in the sun, in fact she carried an umbrella with her if she was going to be in the sun for too long, and she she still got skin cancer. So as a responsible adult, I have given up tanning, something I used to LOVE. For a while I was getting spray tans, but seriously, I just don't have the time.

One of my friends introduced me to Sally Hansen's airbrush legs. I use it on my arms and my legs, and a bit on my chest. This stuff is seriously amazing. Once it dries it is water resistant, and it doesn't transfer from your arms to your friends white shirt! I even sat in a hot tub with this stuff on and it didn't budge! I bought it at Walgreens next to the other Sally Hansen products. Give it a try, it is super easy to use, and I love the results!

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  1. I'm totally gonna try this. I'm so white :)