May 10, 2010

Taking a Day off, and Being Ok With it!!

Well, yesterday was mothers day, and in honor of being a mother, I did what any mother would do...I ate, and ate...and well, ate! Ok, maybe not thaaaat much, but I did have plenty of treats, and you know what??? For the first time in a long time, I did not feel guilty about it!! Today, I am back on track, watching what I eat, getting plenty of water, and despite the rain, and planning for a short jog later today. That is the joy of changing your lifestyle, not just your diet. I can see the big picture, and in the grand scheme of things, one day every now and again, is NOT the end of the world! So, to a new week, here we go...oh, except for moms night out tomorrow night, that one won't count...but after that, back on to the new week!

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