Oct 1, 2010

So, What Size am I?? I know that part of this journey I am on is coming to accept my body the way it is, and that I have got to stop focusing so much on numbers. I am trying really hard to focus on optimal health and just do the very best I can. That being said...I am still a girl, and I still want to see the number on the scale go down, and I reeeeaaaallly want to see the number on the tag inside my jeans go down. Today, I went to try on jeans and in one brand I bought an 8 (for the first time since I was a pre-teen by the way!!) and in another brand I couldn't even zip the 10 up. Then in the Jrs department, I was able to buy an 11 in one style, and in another the 11 didn't even fit past my thighs. Soooo, do I say I am in an 8 or a 10? Does is even matter to anyone else except me what number is on the tag inside of my jeans? Probably not right?? I do have to say, I was pretty jazzed about the idea of even being in anything with an 8 on the tag, even if that particular line does "run a bit big". So, I am just going to come to terms with the fact that the fashion world only wants to make us feel crazy and I need to be happy with the fact that I bought new jeans and looked amazing in them!! I even tried on a pair of skinny jeans just for the heck of it and wasn't totally grossed out!

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  1. I think that it's important to ignore sizes. I have a 25" waist, however, I wear size 8-10 because of my hips. And that's in women's sizes. Junior sizes are absolutely ridiculous. Ignore sizes and just find clothes that look nice.