Jan 20, 2011

Things I LOVED to Eat Today! 
The other day I bought two pre-packaged pork loin fillets.  I bought one BBQ one and another herbed one.  I made the bbq one and may I just say...super yuuummm.  The serving size for pork on the plan is 5 oz.  At first when I measured this out I was worried that 5 oz wasn't enough.  But, this meat was so moist and rich and the bbq seasonings were very robust, so 5 oz was plenty!  I looked them up online to try to find a picture and it looks like there are all kinds of flavor varieties!  The trick for TSFL users would be to scrape off some of the excess seasonings or sauce to be sure you stay within your condiment allowance for the day!  My friend told me that these go on sale at Albertson's for buy one get one free, so I will be keeping an eye out for that sale!

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