Jan 21, 2011


I have lost a whopping 50 POUNDS!! I weighed yesterday and it didn't even occur to me.  Then today at the gym it hit me mid calf raise...wait...188 minus 138 equals....50 POUNDS.  I am so thankful for TSFL.  This program has changed my life FOREVER!  I am so thrilled that I can share this program with people.  It is so empowering and fulfilling to see my friends have success right along with me!  I will NEVER loose sight of this healthy new way of living and I hope to someday share it with even more people!  So, Thanks TSFL. Thanks Dr. Anderson for writing such an amazing book.  Thanks to my coach Danae for bringing this program into my life and for putting up with my rants via txt! Thanks to my Hubby for your undying support, and for loving me before I was skinny!  Thanks to Body Renew Fitness in Meridian for helping me fall in love with Zumba! Thank you to my friends for not tempting me with food when we hang out.  And thank you to everyone who reads this blog...I feel your love and support as well!  But most of all, thank you to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me with strength, will power, determination, long suffering, and all of the other things I prayed so hard for during the last 5 months.  I could not have done this without The Lord and his infinite blessings!

So with this 50 pounds gone, I have 8 more to loose before I reach my goal of 130.  I am doing well back on the 5 & 1 and feeling amazing!  


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