Jan 7, 2011

I Have FINALY Perfected the Pudding! 
When I signed up for TSFL I received the vanilla pudding two months in a row.  I tried it once, hated it, tried it again with a different recipe, and again, hated it.  So, I was checking out another Medifast suggestion site and I saw that someone had posted a new vanilla idea.  I played around with it and UREEEEEKA!  I have a winner!  Part of this could be the AMAZING new blender my hubby bought me for Christmas...the NINJA!  Life changing really!  If you don't have one...GET ONE!

Blend together:

1/2-3/4 cup water...more water, thinner consistency
6-7 cubes of ice
1-2 tsp. Sugar Free Jell-o Pudding Mix...any flavor you like
1 packet Vanilla Pudding mix

Blend, blend, blend.  Blend this until it is smooth and creamy. 

I like to freeze it for a minute just to let the pudding set a bit more!  This method helps solve the texture issue I was having with the pudding, and helps with the lack of flavor issue as well! 

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