Mar 9, 2011

My New Mantra 

I have spent a LOT of time in gyms over the years.  I have done just about every kind of workout you can imagine.  I have spent a TON of time on cardio machines like treadmills and elipticals, and bikes, and stair climbers.  And where did all of that time killing myself on those machines get me?  NO WHERE!  I would spend 30 mins a day, then 40 mins a day, then 60 mins a day trying to see results and I NEVER did.  So today, as I was leaving the gym feeling amazing after my intense workout that did NOT involve a machine, I made a promise to myself...NO MORE MACHINES EVER!  I walked passed an entire room of people looking so board and so unhappy running like hamsters on those stupid things.  HOW HORRIBLE IS THAT?  I want to enjoy working out...I want to see results...I want to look forward to my workout...I want to push my body to do things I never thought possible.  How can you ever achieve any of that if you are stuck in one place.  And can we all be just be honest with ourselves for a minute...has this ridiculous amount of cardio made us skinny?  There is a book out there called "The Cardio Free Diet".  In this book the author talks about this exact thing.  He says that we are doing the same thing over and over, and adding more and more time to our routine and expecting different results...INSANITY right??  So my new mantra is this, if I do not enjoy it, I am not doing it!!  If it isn't fun, I am not doing it.  If it doesn't make me LOVE working out, I am NOT doing it! I have made myself crazy doing the same thing over and over so, it is time to switch it up.  I LOVE Zumba, I LOVE Turbo Kick, I LOVE lifting, so, that is what I am going to do!  I challenge everyone who reads this to take a step back from your routine and look at what could be different.  Do you enjoy what you are doing?  If not, STOP IT.  It is that simple.  And no matter what it takes, find something you enjoy, and do that instead!  I promise, once you enjoy your workouts, you will find yourself pushing walls down left and right.  Your body will be capable of doing things you never thought possible.  Break free from the hamster wheel!!!  YOU CAN DO IT!! 

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