Aug 17, 2012

My Morning Routine

I am a big BIG fan of hiding healthy food in other foods that maybe don't taste so healthy!  I stumbled upon this morning shake about 6 months ago and have been drinking it every morning since.  A few weeks ago, I was reading a friends blog, and I saw a link to a product called PB2.  This is a powdered peanut butter that you can either ad to shakes, or reconstitute with water.  I ordered the original and the chocolate variety! It is wonderful and only 45 calories per 2 tbs!!  I swear in the 6 months that I have been doing this, my nails are stronger and they grow faster, my skin looks better, and my hair is shinier!  Check out THIS site to read more on the amazing benefits of eating spinach!  You might be blown away!

The Big Green Giant

1.5 cups Almond milk (unsweetened original) 53 calories
1 banana (sliced and FROZEN) 105 calories
2 TBS PB2 45 calories
 Fill the rest of your blender with baby spinach 20 calories
1 tbs Torani Sugar Free vanilla syrup

Blend Blend Blend!  I don't like any chunks of spinach left at all, so I obliterate my shakes!



I buy 2 bunches of bananas at the store every week.  Once bunch I use to feed the kids and the other one I let sit out until it just starts turning brown.  Once it is just a bit over ripe, I slice each banana into 8 segments.  I then put them all into a gallon sized baggie and freeze them.  Trust me, you want your bananas frozen, and you don't want to try to slice them up after they are frozen!

In my experience, baby spinach tasted better...or I guess didn't taste at all!  I tried buying a large bag of regular spinach because I go through it so fast, but the spinach taste and texture was much more dominant in the shake and I really didn't like that!  So, stick with the baby variety!


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