Aug 29, 2012

Today is the Day of Reckoning

Reckoning (NOUN)
* The avenging or punishing for past mistakes or misdeads

It is no coincidence that this horrible picture of me was taken yesterday and today my order of meal replacements showed up.  I have known for a while now that eventually, I would return to this kind of plan. 

If you have been a reader of my blog, or you have known me personally in the last 2 years you would know that I lost 50 pounds between a miscarriage and getting pregnant with my daughter about 18 months ago.  I used a program called Medifast.  I actually really didn't mind the program, and for a short time was a health coach with the company.  I tried multiple times to get back on the program since the birth of my daughter and for some reason just couldn't get there.  I think because I used their products for so long, the taste began to kind of freak me out, and they got rid of one of the only products I actually looked forward to eating, and I just felt like I needed to find something new.  I found Wonderslim online and ordered a few samples.  I was blown away at how much better they tasted.  They do have a higher calorie content than Medifast meal replacements and the plan allows you to eat one fruit serving per day, one fat free dairy serving per day, plus one starch serving per day.  I am a big believer in meal replacements for myself at least.  Because the actual food and counting numbers is such an issue with me, I found that taking the food and its caloric damage on my body out of the equation for a while helped to clear my head and take the pressure off of eating the exact amount of calories each day that the app on my phone tells me to.  I think that getting pregnant so soon after getting to my goal weight and not taking some time to really solidify my new way of eating is what caused me to leave those good habits behind and spiral back into the self abusing behavior I currently find myself in. 

Soooo, here it is, my shipment of Wonderslim.  I will still be posting recipes just as I did when I was on Medifast.  I am excited to get started and start seeing results!

{ This is me after I finished a 90 day Medifast program }