Aug 22, 2010


I have stayed up wayyyy past my bedtime the last few nights reading, "Dr. A's Habits of Health"...I just can't seem to put it down! It is so interesting to me, and yet at the same time, I seem to be learning things I already knew in my heart. Things that the "diet" society would tell you to ignore. Things our bodies and our spirits know to be true. One thing that I love is that this book is all about balance in our lives, and not just balance in our diet. For the first time, I am not being told to work out til I puke, and cut out everything from my diet except fish and lettuce. I am being taught how to make better choices, and how to enjoy a balance in my diet of all the food groups. It is no little secret that the current food pyramid is bogus. Since it's introduction in the 80's we as a country have only gotten what do we do?? We blame it on all carbs, and all fats instead of looking at the real problem...portions. So in the book Dr. Anderson tells us when preparing a meal to take a 9 inch plate and divide it like so:

50% of the plate should be fruits and veggies...preferably veggies, especially if you are trying to loose weight

25% should be lean protein such as fish or chicken, and to use other meats sparingly

25% should be your starches, once you have reached your goal weight, avoid starches during weight loss. Whole wheat pastas and other whole grains are most favorable

I was elated when I read that at some point in my life I could eat some of my favorite starches moderation!

So take this little chart and remember it when you make up your plate next will be amazed at how far off our society is when it comes to a balanced diet and the proper portion sizes!

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