Aug 26, 2010

Things I loved to eat today

If you read this blog, you know a few things about me by thing you may not know about me, is that I HATE most vegetables. Sure, I love the easy ones like carrots, sugar snap peas, corn...all of the stuff that is not allowed during phase one of Medifast. So, the hardest part of my day is the "lean and green" meal I make myself. I have pretty much eaten cucumbers, lettuce, asparagus and radishes every stinking day! I have tried...REALLY tried to love other veggies, but I get SERIOUSLY gaggy if I eat certain things. Well, to mix things up, cut up my chicken and put it in my salad. This did a few things; A) it spiced up the regular ole bowl of "yard work"! B) I felt like I needed less dressing because of the moisture from the chicken. C) made me feel like I was eating something new even though it was the same stuff I eat all the time only in a different form!

I did however do something really yummy with the chicken first! I seasoned it with Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb, the sprinkled a bit of Garlic Salt over that, sprayed the chicken with Butter Crisco cooking spray, slapped it into a frying pan and cooked it. I like to cook my chicken at a really hot temp right at first so it gets crispy on the outside, then I turn the temp way down and let it cook slower maintaining the juiciness! I topped off my salad with my fave sun dried tomato dressing and then proceeded to thoroughly enjoy it!!

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  1. You are totally a chef now aren't you!!! There seriously isn't anything you can't do. Your wonder woman!