Sep 16, 2010

Can Gum Change Your LIfe??

I SAY YES!! I bought this on a whim the other day because my favorite flavor of anything is mint chocolate chip. I put it in my purse and forgot about it until this morning. Can I just say...this gum has changed my life!! Call me crazy but to feel like I am eating dessert without actually eating dessert is a major plus! Trust me, buy some, and you will see!!!


  1. ha!! I just had this exact gum and it is awesome!!! Robby and I are not eating any sweets for a month, so this is going to save my life! YAY!

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  3. Hey there! If you're going to steal our photos, the least you could do is link to our blog! Our site is Gum Alert -, but I'm sure you knew that already. (I deleted my first comment because the HTML linked back to your blog rather than ours.) Thanks!