Sep 8, 2010

My Favorite Tricks and Tips!

So now that I am a coach, some of my clients will be reading this blog. I am going to use this as a source for me to share my favorite tips tricks and recipes. Don't worry, for those of you not using TSFL, I promise, the blog will remain relevant for you too! I just wanted to share a list of some of the ideas that have been shared with me that have helped me along the way!


When using any of the soups I find that the flavor is best if I make them the night before and let them sit in the fridge. If I am eating soup, I use my optional snack to add the medifast crackers to my soups. I love the garden vegetable.

Chicken Noodle:

I add some chicken bullion, some parsley flakes, a dash of sea salt, and I microwave it with a bay leaf which I remove the next morning.

Chicken and Rice and Cream of Chicken:

I combine these two flavors and use it for two meals. I add the same things to this that I add to the chicken noodle.

Cream of Tomato:

I add chicken bullion, Mrs. Dash tomato basil garlic seasoning, a dash of garlic salt and make sure this one has overnight to sit.


I have not used the chili, but I have heard it is great over some salad...kind of like a taco salad. Also, I heard adding some Tabasco sauce helps.


The best tip I have for shakes is to find a place locally that sells coffee and Italian soda flavoring syrups. You can have up to 4 tbls of the sugar free variety each day. The hot cocoa is amazing as a chocolate shake. I actually like it better than the dutch chocolate. I also prefer the shakes with about 6 pieces of ice blended up in it. I bought straws from the store to drink my shakes with. It sounds cheesy, but using a straw makes you slow down a bit and I don't feel like my meal is gone in 2 seconds!

Strawberry shake and White Chocolate syrup
Hot cocoa with just about anything!
Orange cream with vanilla dreamsicle!
Vanilla shake with brown sugar and cinnamon syrup with a dash of ground cinnamon
Banana Cream shake with a dash of cinnamon and Caramel syrup


I have only tried the peach oatmeal because it came in my free week package. I did not even try it at all the first month. Recently, I thought a hot bowl of oatmeal sounded good so I tried it. Not the best, but not bad. If you add some cinnamon to it and a small packet of Splenda it is ok. I had the best results with it when I used a bit more water than called for and cooked it for a bit less time than called for.

Soft Serve:

I blend the soft serve with the right amount of water, but with way more ice. I add more ice to make it thicker, then I add 1-2 tbls of sugar free flavoring to makeup for the extra ice. I love the soft serve and am trying new combinations every day!

Coffee soft serve with hazelnut syrup
peanut butter soft serve with raspberry syrup
Coffee soft serve with Caramel syrup
peanut butter soft serve with Caramel
peanut butter with toasted marshmallow syrup
Chocolate mint soft serve with extra chocolate or extra mint syrup
Chocolate mint with Caramel

You get the idea

Fruit Drinks:

The fruit drinks are so yummy when blended up with ice and diet sprite or 7up or Fresca. They blend up to a slushy consistency!


I am trying this tip today, so I will report back later! But my coach told me to freeze the pudding and eat it more like ice cream. This gave me an idea! I am going to freeze the vanilla pudding and put it in a diet root beer and see if I can't make a root beer float!


I happen to love the brownies the way they are, but to enhance the flavor, I sometimes substitute one tbls of the water with a tbls of flavoring syrup. I also under cook my brownie by about 10 seconds so it has a more fudgy consistency.

Okay folks, these are a few of my tips for now. Be on the look out for when I find out more fun info! Enjoy and as always, if you have any questions at all...please feel free to email me at!

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