Sep 13, 2010

Making Changes for the WHOLE Family

It's funny, as I have begun to make changes in my habits, and in the way I see food, I have had an awakening about my family's nutrition. My husband...heaven bless him...will NEVER, EVER, EVER be fat. He is 28 and can still wear the clothes he wore as a sophomore in high school. He throws a party every time the scale gets kind of close to 140 pounds. He has always been able to eat whatever he wants and not gain a pound. Now, our dear son seems to have inherited those very same skinny genes, and has never been chubby, nor will he ever be. In the past, I have always used this as a justification to let them eat whatever they wanted. Now, however, I see that it is very possible to be thin, and at the same time be very unhealthy. I also see, that it will be up to me to teach our family about health and nutrition. I want my children to have a different relationship with food than I did. I have tried to keep the junk food in our house to a bare minimum. When people visit us they joke about the lack of any, "good" food in our pantry...but that isn't enough. I have challenged myself to start making changes in our home. To start offering healthier choices, and to begin to teach my son better habits. So if you are a parent, or even if you plan on being one someday, make the choice now to ensure your children have a healthier future. Educate yourself on what goes into the foods we buy, I promise, you will think twice about feeding it to your children. I have started small, making easy changes where I can. One major change is that I am cleansing this house of all things made with high fructose corn syrup. It will be hard, but one by one, I am replacing things in my house. I am also trying to offer veggies to my son more often, and I have stopped buying juice all together. I am not saying that all bad food must leave your life forever, but the idea is to make better choices when and where you can!

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