Mar 30, 2010

So, when my dear friend called me tonight and asked us out to dinner, I will admit, I panicked a bit. I hate being that weird "girl on a diet" who can't eat anything, and makes everyone feel uncomfortable about what they are eating, and then has to spend the entire dinner talking about her weight I really hate trying to guess what is somewhat safe on the menu only to have it arrive dripping in mayo. So, since we were bringing the kids, we chose Red Robin due to the noise level!! I had totally forgotten that they serve a Garden Burger! I almost kissed the waiter! The thinking was done for me, I didn't have to order anything weird with hold this and hold that, and put this on the side, and blah blah. I happen to love Garden Burgers, and this one is no exception. It is served on a whole wheat bun with pickles and lettuce and this yummy dijon mustard...fabulous! I ordered it with a house salad on the side, a Diet Coke, and I felt downright normal! And as an added bonus, this meal only cost me 5 points! So, thanks Red Robin for a low stress dinner out with friends!! I will return!

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  1. Applebees is a great place to go out to because they have weight watcher meals and the points right next to them. I also have a huge weight watchers cook book if you want some recipes.!!!