Mar 28, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!! (so far)
So this is a fun little desert and only 2 POINTS!! The only thing I would change would be to crumble up the rice cake before hand because it is a bit hard to cut with fork while eating it!

1 Quaker Chocolate Crunch Rice Cake
2 tbsp. lite whip cream
3 whole strawberries sliced
dash of coco
1 packet of Truvia sweetener, or splenda

Mix the whip cream, sweetener, and coco together. Spread on top of rice cake and top with strawberries.

I also mixed a bit of sweetener in with the sliced strawberries and let them sit for a minute so they got a bit syrupy.


Drum roll PLEASE!!


I got a big ol' Costco bag of them the other day and they come in 3 packs of 8 so I froze two and cracked open the other. My favorite thing to make with them so far is a breakfast sandwich that I am calling the McJohnson!

1 bagel thin
1 egg prepared to your liking
1 slice fat free cheese slice
1 Morning Star Farms Sausage Patty

Cook egg and sasuage
Toast Bagel Thin
Place cheese on egg
break up Sausage and arrange on top of egg
Shlap it all together and Viola! Yummy Breakfast

And last but SURELY not least...

Kernel Seasons popcorn flavoring!

Pop up a bowl of air popped popcorn, spray a little butter

Sprinkle the flavoring, toss and enjoy!

I get these at Wal-Mart or Winco. Both locations only carry a few flavors. My favorite is the kettle corn and I ad a bit of salt. Click on the pic of the seasonings to be linked to their site where you can shop for other flavors!!

The best part about this, is air popped corn is only 1 point per 3 cups and the flavorings have less than one calorie per serving!!!!

Well, that is is for this addition of My Favorite Things...Sorry I couldn't give all of you cars like Oprah...heahhahahaa!

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