Apr 14, 2010

Does This Look Like Diet Food to You?

I promise, I am not going to spend every day blogging about every little thing I eat, but today just happened to be a winner as far as food goes!

I have bragged about the Bear Creek soups before, but tonight I tried a new flavor, and I feel the need to share the joy of these amazing soups again. This is the minestrone soup with a few ad-ins by me!

I made the soup according to directions and then added 1 lb of Italian Turkey Sausage, one can of Yellow Corn, and a dollop of Fat Free Sour Cream. Then, I made my favorite little pita chips by slicing up half of a pita, splitting them in half and then broiling them in the oven with a bit of butter flavored spray and some salt. This meal was amazing, and only 5 points for a cup and a half of soup! I still have yet to find these soup mixes cheaper than Win-co...take my word for it, and try them! You will love it!

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