Apr 30, 2010

Sherri, I hope you read this.

Do you ever have light bulb moments that come to you so clearly? Have you ever known someone for so long only to learn something new about them...and that something new changes your life? I am blessed in my line of work to get very personal with people. My clients tell me of their joy, their pain, their secrets, their deepest desires. I have laughed, and cried with them. In my 9 years of doing hair I have been so blessed to know some of the most amazing men and women. I have been inspired and encouraged, and have learned so much from some of these people. I feel like it has really shaped my life. I look up some of these people with the up most admiration.

Yesterday one of these people shared her light with me and I know God had answered her prayers, and by so doing, answered mine. Sherri and I had the most enlightening talk about this whole weight loss game. She has been a client of mine for almost 7 years. We have shared our struggles, and our victories MANY times! Weight loss has been the topic of our conversations during many of her hair appointments...but never like it was yesterday. A switch has flipped in her, and by sharing it with me, a switch flipped in me.

It is hard to put feelings into words, but I am going to try. What I learned yesterday, is that I have been going at this the wrong way my whole life. my motivations have been wrong. My mental state, my spiritual state has never been healed along side my physical state. My focus has always been on the physical results...all the while ignoring the most important soul. I have never asked God to heal me...I have never asked God to take this from me...I have never stopped to ask him what his will is. Sure, I have prayed long and hard to see results and to feel better about myself. But, I have never once asked to be healed. With over eating and weight issues come a lot of scars and wounds. For me, I have a life time of them. How could I, a spiritual being, have forgotten entirely to ask for healing for my spirit? How could I expect the help I desired so much if I failed to ask? How could I expect to be guided when I wasn't giving the glory to God. Sherri reminded me that we are to glorify God in all things, and give him the credit. I have taken it all for myself.

Just like any other addiction, or trial, or pain, we are told to turn it over to God, let him heal you...prove him. Sherri mentioned the scripture "Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you," what does this mean? Pray, and you will get it?? NO, it means turn it over to the Lord, and HE will show you what HE is capable of.

I hope that in some way this all makes sense. I hope Sherri reads this, and knows that her desires of being a witness have been met. Sherri, your wisdom has struck me. I am changed, thank you for sharing. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you! I pray that those of you reading this will feel the change I have felt. I know this may seem a bit deep for a weight loss blog...but I want to share every aspect of this journey I am on. I hope someone else can be healed from it.


  1. are you working out at Snap Fitness in Star? I've been looking at a gym membership between Snap Fitness and Anytime Fitness in Star...any suggestions??? We were leaning toward Anytime Fitness because we live so close...but if Snap is better let me know!!

  2. My trainer is part owner. I haven't been there because she comes to my house. I know it is a great gym though, and the people that own it actually KNOW about fitness! I may be partial, but I think that is where you should go!

  3. Wonderful post. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.