Apr 27, 2010

Double the Fiber...I Say Double the Flavor!

Once again my amazing Weight Watchers Queen Sister told me about an amazing product! I already LOVE Oro Wheat Double Fiber Whole Wheat Bread, but THESE new English Muffins are AMAZING! My sis told me she spreads a little bit of Nutella on them and tops that with a sliced banana! I made a breakfast sandwich with one last night and they are super moist, and super tasty! I even liked them better than regular English Muffins!

1 comment:

  1. I eat the Oro Wheat Double Fiber Bread EVERY morning for breakfast. I love it for both the taste and the benefits... I was paying about $5 at Walmart for 2 loaves, which was the best price I could find, until I saw it at Costco. You get 2 much bigger loaves for the same $5!!