Apr 21, 2010

Here is a little tip...from me to you!
So when I got married, one of the many amazing things I learned from my mother was to plan meals out for the week, and then only grocery shop for the items needed to make those meals. This is a great money saver and it cuts down on rotten food being thrown out, it saves time each day, and for me, it eliminated last minute binges like ordering pizza the other night because there was "nothing to eat" (allegedly!)

I have gotten away from this little habit, and this week decided to start it back up! I found this amazing Weight Watchers cook book at Savers for $2 in brand new shape...and I can't wait to try out the delicious recipes! So, HERE is a link where you can download this adorable meal planner. I will probably laminate it and use dry erase markers so I don't have to print a thousand!

What I do is sit down on sunday nights and grab all of my favorite cook books. I try to have a mix of old faves and some new recipes. I write the meal down on my planner plus which cookbook it is in and the page it is on...sometimes I forget which book I found it in. Then, as I am picking the recipes, I have another piece of paper next to me that I write down the ingredients that I need to buy to make those recipes. Trust me..this will save you from EVER having to what shall I make tonight!

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